Simmering Kashmir: Frustration and the Sufferings of the People of Kashmir.

Simmering Kashmir
Hello friends,

Today I will talk to you about the frustration and the sufferings of the people of Kashmir.

People of Kashmir are suffering because they remain engaged for 70 years under Article 370. They indeed are suffocated and seek freedom. They have made it known to all concerned from different platforms at different times, even at the cost of being called traitors. I will urge the people of India who think them so, to see within and feel their frustration and agonies to reason out their malevolence. Also see Chapter 3 of my book, analysing the causes of such kind of human behaviour.

Friends, like annihilation of ants, is impossible unless their queen is found. So also, is not possible to suppress the disgruntled youth by force, unless one knows the root cause of their frustration and addresses the same benevolently! See the following analysis which is an attempt to searching out the causes;

Without going into the details of the terms of partition and giving special status to J & K with the promulgation of Article 370; I will like to submit that promulgation of Article 370 was maneuvered maliciously on the instance of Sri Sheikh Abdullah with a self-seeking overture and to having greater autonomy and gradually acquiring the complete freedom of the State of J&K. He also wished to be the PM of J & K until the dominion of the State was established. This too was acceded to by the then PM of India Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru. Later Mr Sheikh Abdullah himself was involved in anti-India activities for an independent State of Kashmir and was jailed for this. This is the basic cause of present anti-India or separatist activism within Kashmir.

Article 370 made J & K a State under control of the union government. In fact, we never owned this State in the true sense. Presently, the state of J & K is like a republic within a republic and administered by the union government. Therefore U.S President Mr Trump's recent statement on 28 June 2017 that, 'J & K is India's administered State' should not come as a surprise. Article 370 means, we do not fully own the State and J & K is legally authorized to maintain an almost separate entity. This is one reason that encourages Pakistan and Kashmir's separatist groups to continue terrorism and unabated killings in Kashmir. Pakistan surely wants to own the State that India has yet to own.

For details on partition refer my book, 'CRUSADE INDIA'

The youth particularly, have a future to make. With the demand of freedom, I understand, they want freedom from such kind of confinement, they are forced to live in due to Article 370, to enable them to have means and avenues for their studies, businesses or whatever, to make their future. State governments in India lack performance and are usually not able to create conditions for self-determination of the people. Consistent disturbances have shattered the lives of Kashmiris. Tourism is destroyed. Industries are not able to perform. With scarce avenues and little resources, people of Kashmir are indeed throttled and gasp for freedom. Due to such regressive constraints, people from other parts of the country also shy to establish their businesses or invest in Kashmir. The plight of people of Kashmir is indeed pitiable. Our present contemptuous treatment with the youth of Kashmir is oligarchic and insensitive. If we consider Kashmir ours, and its people our children and brethren then we better care for them. It is the time we wake up and protect them from their sufferings and human rights violations. Friends, be it Monarchy or Democracy, it is the duty of the state to feel the pains and sufferings of their subjects and address them benevolently.

Article 370 was promulgated as a temporary provision for the governance of the State in the year 1947. Much water has flowed under the bridge since then but no solution to this predicament is still in sight. Under Shimla agreement in 1972 between the then PM of India, Smt Indira Gandhi and PM of Pakistan Mr Z A Bhutto, it was agreed to maintain status quo and resolve all differences through mutual dialogue without third-party mediation. It is half a century since then also and nothing meaningful has happened. The situation is worsening as the local people are losing their patience. Their unrest is understandable.

United Nations too are playing passive about the worsening situation of this part of the world and gross human rights violations of the people. Such lapses in the past have culminated in World War II and establishing of United Nations as such. UN was established to provide peace and tranquillity to the entire world. I urge the UN to not let loose their hold on the deteriorating condition of this part of the world and endeavour for a time-bound settlement. Not only people of Kashmir, people of entire India are adversely affected by such predicaments within and at the borders.

As the internal insurgency due to separatist and disgruntled groups is rising, so is raising the tension between India and Pakistan. Surely, Pakistan is also taking advantage of our internal faction groups. As the border tensions are not softening, so is rising the enmity between the two nations. It indeed is a worrying state and has attracted the international attention. A few countries have vociferated for a quick settlement, lest India and Pakistan rising conflicts become a threat to world peace. After-all both India and Pakistan are Nuclear Powers. A few countries have cautioned that, even if it is India's and Pakistan's internal matter, it is imperative to settle the disputes quickly. Indeed 45 years is a huge period for a vital issue to keep lingering like this. It is affecting both the countries socially and economically. To only aim at keeping aggression at bay by force cannot be a long-term solution. We, (India & Pakistan) need to sit down and thrash out a solution applying the philosophy of giving and take in the larger benefit of both the countries and the suffering people. After all both countries are losing by way of tension, economic regression, hardship to people, rising of divisive forces and terror groups and enmity for each other. All this must be put to a halt and resolved without waste of time. UN and member countries may please play an assertive role to make it happen. I hope the listeners shall give it a thought and help to resolve Kashmir issue as soon as possible in the interest of all.

Let us endeavour to pull out the suffering people of Kashmir
from their present cage to freedom and prosperity!

Friends, this is for the present, next time another topic. Thank you.
Thank You, K C Agrawal