Population Control - A Single Point Agenda to address most problems facing the world

Today I will tell you, how by controlling the population alone we can address most of the maladies that have besieged the world. Friends, my emphasis for population control is not only socio-economic, Global warming and the threat of sinking of thousands of low lying islands around the world is a frightening phenomenon and has made global warming a very serious issue, which is related to population. Friends, we must understand that higher population means higher demands for houses, clothing, more household gadgets and other necessities of life. Also, more education facilities, municipal services, medical health services, railways, and transport system and industries etc. All these demands for more powerhouses to generate more electricity, meaning thereby burning of more fossil fuels in terms of coal, oil, diesel and gas and more smoke-belching chimneys emitting more greenhouse gases. The surging population also calls for more land for their living causing denuding of forests, shrinking of usable land, consequently more global warming and so forth, trapping us in a vicious circle. It is worrying that wild animal because of shrinking forests and consequently, the paucity of food have begun entering the urban areas in search of food and many of them get lynched by the people.

It is therefore imperative that we exercise strict population control as discussed in my book. It is a harsh truth that pollution caused by human beings directly or indirectly is the greatest cause of air pollution and global warming. Control of population shall reduce their necessities and satisfy people's ever-rising needs with the available resources. Consequently, it will also mitigate human suffering and their agitations. Friends, population control is a single point solution that can abate unrests and other conflicts playing impediments to maintaining world peace and tranquility.

Control over world population by itself may impede global

warming to a very great extent so also the universal unrest.

(Refer the book to know more)