To Plug the Wasted Resources with the help of City Centres

Wasted Resources

Hello friends,

Last, I discussed as to where do we stand socially and economically and our huge 'Wasted Resources'. Today I will try to identify our wasted resources and find out ways and means to plug the same to grow our economy unbounded. A few of the main wasted resource areas can be identified as;

1. Due to poor roadways and commutation system. Congestion in most Indian cities, traffic chaos, pot-holes, and damaged roadways cause an enormous amount of avoidable waste of economy in terms of waste of useful time in crores of man hours besides accidents and untimely deaths of the commuters. Friends, 42 crore hours per month are lost only on Delhi roads every month. For details please refer the book.

2. Due to perennial power shortage and breakdowns there is incalculable loss of production and professional work-hour loss.

3. Due to poor water and land management - floods and droughts have become a perpetual menace for our people, causing incalculable loss of agricultural produce, human lives and livestock, belongings and properties of people and dislodging of families from their habitations etc.

4. Poor storage and transportation system causes huge destruction of food grains and other food stocks.

5. India is rapidly turning into a medically sick Nation due to poor health of our people. One can witness surging crowds of patients at all hospitals, nursing homes and medico-clinics in all parts of the country. It is a serious impediment in the progress of the nation. The large sickness is due to poverty, illiteracy, poor hygiene, consumption of contaminated ground water, depleting environment and adulterated food stuffs etc.

Friends, addressing these evils shall address most of our miseries. A strong infrastructure, town planning and a visionary approach can address most of the maladies that have besieged the nation like a dream come true. I have tried to provide through Chapters 8.1 to 8.10 of my book brief plans to not only contain wasted resources but also achieve unbounded progress and make our GDP grow in multiples of what it is now. More importantly, since most people shall now be involved in the development of the nation, the national income will also be in multiples of what it is now and will be distributive among the people, narrowing down the gap between the rich and the poor!
There is no dearth of resources with our country to fulfill the basic objectives of the Constitution and make unbounded progress to provide economic freedom and dignity to our people.
To achieve all this scientifically, I have conceived a concept of City Centres.

What is a City Centre?

My idea of city centres is to urbanize and empower the rural masses through a holistic development of the nation. It attempts to empower the masses naturally with opportunities created for self-determination and dignified living for all.

Friends, this was for the present. Next time I will tell you what a City Centre is and how to establish the same.

What is a City Centre and how to establish the same

Last, I discussed our huge 'Wasted Resources' and how we can plug them with the help of 'City centres'. Today I will tell you what a City Centre is and how to establish the same.

City Centres have been conceived to provide an opportunity to the village populace to live together and work together to become a force. The City Centres will also give them an opportunity to exchange ideas amongst themselves and improvise their own thinking and working. To work in isolation does not
inculcate community feeling.

The concept behind these Centres is the development of each village into a full-fledged city by clubbing a
few villages together to attain self-reliance and self sufficiency. Please refer the book for complete details.

The City Centres can be considered an improvised and larger version of 'SEZ's' and 'Retail Chains'. In the new concept, City Centres shall be in the form of complete cities where people shall live and earn their living in a
dignified way to be self-supporting and self-empowered naturally in a very short period. Due to small sizes of villages in terms of population and area, they presently are a sector of utter neglect and disregard. They are cut off from modern civilization and are the poorest of the poor, languishing a miserable life full of wants and woes. The author plans to club about 500 to 600 villages together and settle their populace at one place. Now they can attract the secondary and tertiary (service) sectors also. This should transform them, gradually shedding the stigma of a village or a villager. The primary sector will get the required boost, because the secondary and tertiary sectors, which shy away from operating in rural areas due to the lack of business opportunities
and infrastructure, will be encouraged to shift and expand their businesses at such centres. Agriculture-based
industries will flourish because of raw materials available quickly and cheaply at their doorsteps. Each City Centre will be self-contained and self-supported, realizing the dreams of all of us.

The usual urban problems like housing, education, medical facilities, health services, water, power, roads and
civic services will be addressed at one go and for all time, by implementing the philosophies, I have mentioned in Part 3 of the book.

I assure the people of India that there will be no floods, droughts or darkness in our homes or in our lives. Each City Centre will have residential, commercial and industrial activities at one place, on the periphery will be the farmlands. A rudimentary overview of a City Centre is shown below. For details refer the book.

Friends, this was for the present. Next time I will tell you how to establish the City Centres. Thank You till then. K C Agrawal

Unique features of City Centres

Last, I told you a brief about 'making of the 'City Centres', today I will tell you briefly about the unique features of these Centres. The City Centres shall be the beginning of transforming our nation to unbounded progress and prosperity.

Each City Centre will be supported by;

Public Relations Office (PRO)

A public relations office (PRO) shall be established in each city centre for trouble-shooting and feeling the pulse of the people, and their difficulties and needs. The PRO will also foster love, understanding, and a healthy relationship amongst people and between the people and the State.

Friends, any progress 'without fraternity (brotherhood)' and 'respect for each other' is meaningless.

It will take preventive steps to avert any untoward situation, encroachment, unwanted roadside dhabas, lack of means of living, or inadequate parking lots, etc. Identify areas that need further improvement, Mass media, Bollywood and TV Channels will play a constructive role in overcoming rural ignorance, to broaden the knowledge and vision of our populace for their constructive involvement in nation-building.

Government Administrative and Monitoring Centre

The centre will regularly monitor the planned activities and performance of the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors. These centres will be run by experienced, well-qualified and dedicated people (see management charts). Emphasis shall be on knowledge, experience and competence. We shall get rid of the evil of reservations and quotas once and for all. The following areas will need prompt attention: Droughts, floods and water management. Ponds, lakes and canals will be made where necessary to conserve rainwater and stop flooding. Provisions shall be made for rain-water harvesting for making up for the groundwater depletion.

Training Centres

My utmost endeavour is to naturally empower all the people of the land and make them worthy citizens of a worthy nation. Gradually we shall banish all demeaning features such as quotas and reservations. Also banish their
Self-inflicting categorization in terms of Scheduled castes (SC's), Scheduled Tribes (ST's), Other Backward Classes (OBC's) and Minority Classes etc. I recommend a brief course of training for our entrepreneurs before they start an industry. The labour force will also be trained before they undertake any job. It is necessary to infuse in them a work culture before they handle a job.I do not want our entrepreneurs to face labour strikes, or units rendered sick or to close down on any account whatsoever. The motto for all will be "Quality and Reliability".

Agriculture Support Centre

Education and guidance on kinds of crops, fertilisers, seeds, storage and crop processing.
Rigorous R&D centres.

Marketing set-ups and guidelines.
Support from industries to make use of farm produce right at the source Data bank

Commercial banks
Large private and cooperative stores as outlets for all agricultural produces of each centre.

All city centres will then be networked for easy information exchange.

Note: In future, there will be no scarcity of tomatoes, potatoes or onions, nor a surplus of them rotting in farms or on roadsides for lack of information and market intelligence.

Secondary (industry) and tertiary (service) sectors to also have similar support centres.

Each city centre will be a profit centre for the State. These will be unique cities, where rural and urban people will live together. Gradually the class gap shall diminish and level of education rise and the people would love to live and work together. Since each City Centre will be small in size and population (about 10 lacs), it will be easy to monitor developmental activities and keep surveillance to maintain law and order and stop crimes. It shall also extend enormous employment opportunities and more local representation (see the management chart in the book.)

With all this I assure the people of India that what has never happened will start happening within two years from the start of our mission and will pick up pace in five years. This will be the building-up period for the most essential infrastructure and completing the future planning. After that shall start the building of the nation (city centres).

It may take about 10-15 years to complete, including completing the entire

infrastructure. Total transformation of the nation may take about15-20 years from the start. We shall develop the city centres such that not only we will love our cities, they will also become places of great attraction for foreign tourists and give a tremendous boost to our economy and long-term happiness to ourselves.

These are the likely general ideas that could be easily Conceived (it is advisable to refer the book for better understanding).

The final shape will be given by town planners and experts in their fields to make them unique and amongst the most beautiful and attractive cities in the world. The aim is prosperity and unbounded growth of each city centre and its habitants through self-sufficiency and togetherness so that one day we emerge as one of the most prosperous and powerful nations in the world. Rudimentary management charts are also provided in the book for scientific planning and monitoring. They may also act as part our "third eye" system to keep a real-time surveillance over the working and performance of the entire City Centre.

As establishing of the city centres is an enormous task, I propose their development be left in private hands on B-O-T (Build-Operate-Transfer) basis. It would be fast and economical and at once begin with enormous developmental activities throughout the country, giving fresh hope and desire to live and work for the nation. It shall also be working together for better productivity.

Integrity and Fraternity of the Nation

City centres are also the answer to those demanding bifurcation or freedom of states. City centres will fulfil such demands automatically. Now the people will have the opportunity to develop their city as much as they can to realise their dreams. In this manner, we can make not only each city centre self-sufficient and self-reliant, but each state will also become self-sufficient and progressive as it wishes, without depending on the Centre or other agencies for financial support. It will also address insurgency and injective threats to the nation and connect all the people with the mainstream.

Integration and Cohesion of our Federal System

We can also evolve a mechanism to have an "overview" of the progress and health of each city centre and offer them suggestions and help. I wish our federal system works hand in-hand for better harmony and relations between States, and Centre and States, for the good of the nation and well-being of each citizen of the land.

Elected members, MPs and MLAs will have better role to play and may stay put at their constituencies to directly monitor their areas for development and prosperity. All this shall inculcate better understanding, harmony and brotherhood amongst the people of the land and the governments. It shall also help establishing a fiduciary relationship of the governments with the people.

It shall be marching towards a New Dawn. No idling time! People shall be engaged in different activities. The whole nation shall be busy with rejuvenated vigour and hope in the making of the nation!

To understand the concept fully it shall be advisable to refer the book that gives the monitoring charts and a likely sketch of a City Centre. Friends, today I will finish here. In the next topic I will talk on environment. Till then Good Bye and thank you. K C Agrawal