How To Overcome The Perennial Regression Of The Nation

Perennial Regression Of The Nation
Hello friends, Today I will tell you how with the help of City Centres we shall overcome the perennial regression of the nation and place it amongst the most prosperous and powerful nations in the world. Behold! It can be done.

The people of India deserve to be extended an opportunity to make it happen, through responsible and accountable system of governance at the Union and the States as I discussed before to emancipate our people from the shackles of their centuries-old miseries and woes. To make it happen I propose to begin as under:

1. Guarantee jobs to 100 percent workable hands within two to three years, not by way of charity or gratis, but by doing actual creative and developmental works as I will discuss now. It is provided in Chapters 8.1-8.10 of my book.

2. Make optimum use of our talent and expertise and the mammoth human resource available with us.

Presently only a few works for the rest because India has failed to creating opportunities, means and avenues and a proper primary education system for self-determination of the people. I will like to emphatically submit that unless we are able to engage all our working hands for their own earning; our country shall never progress and the multitudes of our impoverished and suffering people shall always remain dependent on charities, dole-outs and hand-outs like handicaps.

1. Make judicious use of our natural and non-renewable resources.
2. Optimize our Primary (agriculture), Secondary (industries) and Tertiary sectors, mainly tourism.
3. Exercise population control and bring it down to the level of about 80 crores in about 100 years as analysed and discussed before.
4. Remove illiteracy, ignorance and backwardness of our people by creating proper education system.
5. Rehabilitate the old, the disabled and destitute, and gradually eradicate is abilities and destitution for all times.
6. Motivate people through education to work for the nation and care for the fellow-beings
7. Practice water management
8. Get prepared for disaster management
9 Optimize power generation
10. Improve the environment. Practice sanitation, sewage and garbage management.
11. Put emphasis on IT (information technology) and R&D (Research and Development)

How the above can actually be achieved are explained in my book Chapters 8.1 to 8.10. We have so much to do! And have no time to waste!

The Relevance of my philosophy
In the wake of global economic meltdown beginning 2008, my philosophies described through Chapters 8.1to 8.10 assume greater significance to fight back global recession, hunger, illiteracy, and other maladies.

Dear friend, this is all for now. In the next talk I will tell you how to make optimum use of our resources. Till then Good bye and thank you. K C Agrawal