India's Rising charities and reliefs have retarded our progress

Hello friends,

Today I will tell you why we are not able to progress;

Philosophy of reliefs

During droughts and floods which bring calamity to our rural people, such subsidies provide them with the required relief. But if such occurrences are of a perennial nature, as they are in our case, then not relief, rather an investigation is important to find a permanent solution to the perennial predicament. This would call for development on a long-term basis rather than reliefs or subsidies that are short-term. But our governments consider it enough to provide them reliefs which they consider a cure. Friends, we must understand that if there is no development, where the relief money shall come from, and for how long? After all the printing of excess currency has a limit and so also living on public borrowings and foreign debts. Moreover, there is a limit to the endurance of our mother earth to our consuming the resources without creating them. This unproductive and unmindful extravagance has not only set in a regressive economy, it has also inflicted colossal inflation which the common man must bear the brunt.

Friends, Beware lest in pursuit
of providing crutches to the impoverished,
in absence of development, we may not ourselves
sink into a marsh and cry for help!

With the dismal development and lack of job opportunities; demands for additional reservations keep rising intermittently! Like Gurjar riots in Rajasthan in 2008 demanding for lower Schedule Tribe status to secure more reservations. To quell the rising violence army was summoned. As the government could do little they agitated again in 2010 and then in 2015. By 2015 the government had to bow down with a special quota of 5% for the Gurjar Community. Similarly, Patels of Gujarat agitated in 2015 demanding for OBC status. Yet again in 2016 Jats of Haryana protested rather gruesomely for quotas under OBC category. The protests are becoming unending in absence of tangible development and creation of jobs!

Friends, "Judicial power includes the power to take
corrective action whenever other government
branches fail in their duty to respect the rights of the citizens and protect them, said " Mr K.G.
Balakrishnan, ex-chief justice of India (CJI)

Friends, for today l, finish it here. In my next talk, I will tell you more about Reservations and Quotas in Education and Employment. Till then Good Bye and Thank you. KC Agrawal