India's Present Shambles And How We Can Come Out Of It

Indias Present Shambles
Hello friends, Today I will give you an over-view of our nation to understand where we are!
The rising level of poverty and anarchy, consistent shortage of water and electricity, creaking infrastructure, dangerously depleting environment, dwindling value of rupee and uncontrollable rising debts, galloping inflation, and rising cases of scams present a nightmarish state of affairs of our nation that torment and terrify the people of India.

Truly, "wherever we look, India is in shambles"

Under these frightening conditions and minuscule hope on any front, it may be inappropriate to claim that our democracy has survived the test of time. Our grossly impoverished populace has somehow endured the untold miseries and sorrows as the wish of God! They were subjugated before independence and had no voice. Now free, but they still have no voice, as they are turned into the largest populace of economic slaves around the world. Not only this, ever rising and never- ending agitations and dharna- pradarshan for reservations and quotas make things pitiable. This is surely not passing the test of time. It is a debacle of our hard-earned independence and the democracy so established! I therefore have the audacity to say that "India's freedom is not yet free".

How to transform the Nation

Friends, what I talk now may be a silver lining in the dark clouds! Transformation of the nation can still be achieved by making optimum use of our resources with the help of our professional and experts involving all the people of the land. Only a few working for the rest makes no sense. It is easy to identify our resources which are, primary resources (agriculture), secondary resources (industries) and tertiary resources (service sector). Service sector includes all services like, transport, banking, health, IT sector, education etc. My thrust shall, however, be on 'Tourism' which is a neglected area in our country but has great potential for earning. According to me tourism has a potential of at least 1000 times of what it is now. Many countries of the world thrive on this resource alone. In addition to this, we also have natural resources oil, gas, metals and minerals. But side by side, we are also losing heavily due to huge wastage of resources. Plugging the wastage of resources can nearly double our economy in terms of GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

For the present, I end up here. In my next talk, I will discuss the wasted resources and how we can plug them.
Thank you in the meantime. K C Agrawal