Good governance calls for scrupulous and well-educated guardians as I discussed last. How it can be accomplished is our topic today. Since, learned judiciary is the custodian of the Constitution and responsible for its implementation, I will, therefore, pray the learned judiciary with the help of a Public Interest Litigation (PIL), to accomplish the same by directing the Parliament or as the case may be to incorporate a few electoral reforms, to make our elections purposeful and accountable. These prayers are;

Prayer No. 1- Friends, elections every five years is a sacred process to elect worthy guardians and establish worthy governments. It is the lone purpose and basic incumbency of our governments. Accordingly, elections every five years at States or Union levels must necessarily be a measure of performance and accountability of our Legislators.

But our present election process takes no account of responsibility and accountability of our Legislators and we are not able to elect worthy guardians. To conduct 'Purposeful and Performance' based Elections we must banish all kinds of freebies, charities, and dole outs; also nagging and accusing the opposite parties and candidates. The candidates and parties must only tell what constructive work they did before and how they shall fulfill the basic objectives of the Constitution if they come to power now and nothing else.

Prayer No. 2- Election process must elect a candidate with a clear mandate of the people i.e.51% votes of his constituency. Presently a candidate gets elected with just 15-20% votes of his constituency and that is not legal.

Prayer No. 3- We must banish 'Criminalisation of Governances' which is a great deterrent in establishing prudent governances. Presently our governments in the States and the Union have at least 34% of our Legislators as tainted where charges are framed. There may be much more where charges are yet to be framed. This is a great blemish on our Parliamentary system of democracy. Friends, when we don't hire a tainted person at our homes and offices, to have tainted persons in governments is irrational and destructive and all tainted Legislators must be debarred.

Prayer No. 4 - Legislators are specifically required to fulfill the fundamental and socio-economic requirements of 'Parts Ill and IV' of the Constitution. I have prayed the Learned Judiciary to kindly ensure that it is done religiously.

Prayer No. 5- Re-defining 'Qualifications for Legislators'. The present definition of qualification under Articles 84 and 173 is barely a criterion for eligibility to contest elections. It does not mention any Qualification and plays a deterrence in electing worthy guardians. Judiciary may kindly direct the Parliament to prescribe minimum qualifications for Legislators commensurate with the requirements of the Constitution.

Prayer No. 6- To make Article 311 for Civil Executives or the Bureaucrats accountable and Efficacious. Presently they are bestowed upon with enormous powers but no responsibility and accountability.

Prayer No. 7- Establishing an 'Over-view' or a 'third eye' real-time surveillance system over the working and performance of the Legislators and the Executives to nip any scam or corruption right in the bud, to make the governing system efficacious and honest.

Since the subject is huge and calls for a proper understanding of my research analysis. I, therefore, advised the audience to read this highly research-oriented book thoroughly. Many eminent persons have also recommended for the people of India to read the book for the rare useful information and guidelines it provides. All such references are quoted in the book.