The learned Judiciary can save the nation Friends, ours is a parliamentary system of democracy, therefore,


Our Judiciary is the Custodian of the Constitution and responsible for its implementation as already cited. They are also the final authority to interpret the Constitution for its prudent implementation by the governing guardians (Legislature and Executive). Judiciary is also mandated to play a watchdog over the working and performance of the Legislature and the Executive.

The author has analyzed that misuse of RP Act (Representation of Peoples' Act, 1951) and defiance of Article 13 (Laws in derogation of the fundamental rights are void) by the Legislature, who make the Laws, have pushed our nation to the present shambles and the multitudes of people to permanent illiteracy and destitution. Article 32 of the Constitution extends a safeguard to the people of India against such abuses for the protection of their rights. With this provision, enforcement of rights of the people is guaranteed.

The author, therefore, seeks the Judiciary to establish 'Responsible and Accountable System of Governances' at the Union and the States'.  Governments that are sensitive to human sufferings and capable of fulfilling the basic objectives of the Constitution in terms of Parts III & IV. It shall also establish 'PARLIAMENTARY ACCOUNTABILITY'.

By establishing responsible governments, my attempt is to find a good mother for the people of India. A mother who works hard for her living and rearing her children. The children also cling to her in affection because they know their mother was doing her best to taking care of them.

Author: K C Agrawal

K.C. Agrawal, an electrical engineer and senior member of IEEE, USA, has had more than 33 years of experience in different capacities - in Academics, PSUs, Multinationals and then running his own industry for 24 years manufacturing switchgears. Some 20 years ago, greatly moved by the country's highly deplorable condition and the sight of poverty stricken people, he pledged to do something for the nation and steer the people out from their sombre plight to a glorious future. My different books are the next steps in furtherance of this cause. He has authored the following books:

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