Why did the car accident lawyer take my case?

If you have been injured by a car accident, you have the right to a wrongful termination attorney.The person who took your case and your car insurance may be an attorney, and it may be legal to sue the person for damages for the accident.It may not be legal for a lawyer to take the […]

What you need to know about a wrongful termination lawyer

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has issued a warning that some of the world’s largest securities firms have breached their fiduciary duty by refusing to provide financial records of a former employee who was terminated from a job at a bank that was involved in the bank’s financial troubles.Key points:Investment company CBA says it […]

How to sue an employer for wrongful termination

I had an article published in the American Lawyer, in which I was accused of “intentional infliction of emotional distress” and “intentionally misleading the employer” by asking my employer to provide me with the information I wanted in the workplace.I did not file a formal complaint, and this article has been widely circulated online, but […]