How to find your bankruptcy lawyer near you

When you get a call from a bankruptcy lawyer, it might be the most important call of your life.With a lawyer in your corner, you can win more than you bargained for.But you need to know what you need and how to find one.We talked to lawyers and bankruptcy experts about what you can do […]

When do you have to explain your disability

Lawyers, like many people, may feel a bit intimidated by their disability and may not be comfortable sharing details of their disability.However, many legal practitioners are also struggling with their disability, and that’s a big reason why some people may choose not to have a lawyer in their office.It’s a problem, said Paul Lefebvre, a […]

‘Lambda’ and ‘Trolls’ collide in Queensland Supreme Court

A case about a ‘Trolling’ and a ‘Lambo’ will go to the Queensland Supreme Tribunal.Posted on Tuesday, October 10, 2019, the case is being heard by a barrister from Brisbane’s law firm Lambda Legal.Topics:law-crime-and-justice,courts-and/or-trials,courthouses-and.ambulance-centre,law-relations,crime,brazilian-aruba,brisbane-4000,qld,melbourne-3000More stories from Queensland

How to sue your family law lawyer

With the rise of the internet, people are looking to get their grievances addressed through a variety of ways, whether that means contacting a lawyer or hiring a new lawyer.One way people are getting their grievances heard is through the legal system.But how can you get justice if your lawyer refuses to represent you?In this […]

Which are the best attorneys in Texas?

It’s not the only issue that will come up when discussing the lawyers in Texas.The legal profession has faced an onslaught of new technology in recent years, as well as a growing body of work that challenges established wisdom.Some of the legal professionals who have faced these challenges include: a man who invented the first […]

Lawyers: Cat and lawyer get new car after lawsuit over car

A lawyer who is suing his employer for allegedly making him take time off to care for his sick cat has been awarded $10,000 in a wrongful dismissal lawsuit.In January, Michael Tannenbaum, of Doylestown, Pennsylvania, sued his employer, Leland Corporation, for making him work longer than the normal seven days for a car accident.His case […]

What is a discrimination lawyer?

Lawyers are sometimes called the “dynamic defense lawyer”, “lawyers with an eye to the future”, or “lawyer for hire” (as a term of art).They specialize in the area of litigation, representing clients in courtrooms, in arbitration hearings, in civil disputes, and for personal injury or wrongful death claims.The law of discrimination is often taught in […]