The real reason why the US unemployment rate is so high

Unemployment lawyers are not happy about the fact that the US labor market is so skewed towards long-term unemployed workers.“It’s not just about the unemployment rate, it’s also about the level of underemployment,” said Paul Schaffer, a former Labor Department official who is now a labor economics professor at the University of Southern California.“If you […]

Which is the best job?

This is a guest post by Cat Filter, a career and personal development attorney based in the Portland, OR area.Cat has been practicing in the Oregon area since 2013 and specializes in legal services for individuals with disabilities.Cat was also the host of a podcast, The Cat Filter Podcast, on the Law and Disability Network […]

How to hire a new family lawyer?

What’s a new lawyer looking for?A new lawyer needs to be familiar with the law and the legal process.But it’s also important to be able to understand what a case is, what the client is facing and how it will work.It’s essential that the lawyer be able learn the language and the laws of your […]

How to sue the cops for dog bite

A lawyer who works on behalf of a woman who was beaten by police has filed a defamation case against a Mumbai police officer.The lawyer, Suresh Chavan, has filed an affidavit in the Maharashtra High Court seeking damages for the police officer, Sunil Kumar, for alleged wrongful arrest and violation of his right to privacy.Mr […]