How to sue your cat lawyer

If you’re unhappy with your cat’s lawyer, you can sue him or her directly for damages.The Australian Federal Court (AFC) has announced a new class-action scheme, and you can join the hunt for legal aid.In a move that will shock many lawyers, the court has allowed the general public to apply to join a class-led […]

How to Get Rid of Your Job After an Accident

In 2015, a car accident in Alabama left a man paralyzed.In the years since, he’s battled mental illness and PTSD, and the result has been a new career in the legal profession.After his experience with the car accident, Lee Johnson, a mental health counselor at the Cumberland County Detention Center in Alabama, decided to turn […]

How much does a lawyer make in Boston?

About three months after the shooting, a lawyer with the firm of Dorsey & Barris offered his services for a fee.According to the Boston Globe, the contract called for Dorsey to represent Trump and his business partners for a minimum of three months and was worth $1,600 a month.A lawyer at a larger firm, a […]

How to Survive an Eviction in California

If you are facing eviction, you need to know your rights.Here are some things to know before you get into the process.1.You Can File a Claim for Eviction Without a Legal Counselor.You don’t need a lawyer to file a claim against the eviction company.However, you should have a lawyer on hand when you file a […]