Traffic lawyer defends traffic stops

A traffic lawyer is defending a traffic stop that she says was unfairly conducted by a law enforcement officer.Read more…Lawyers for the two women say they are fighting a lawsuit filed against them by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office over a 2011 traffic stop.The woman, identified in court papers as Diane Dejak, says she was […]

How to hire a new family lawyer?

What’s a new lawyer looking for?A new lawyer needs to be familiar with the law and the legal process.But it’s also important to be able to understand what a case is, what the client is facing and how it will work.It’s essential that the lawyer be able learn the language and the laws of your […]

Which lawyers are worth your money?

Lawyers, accountants and tax advisers are all over the news, with a slew of new products popping up in 2017.However, which one will be the best choice for your business?If you are looking for a tax advisor, there are a number of different types of lawyers out there.Some are more expensive than others, and you […]

How the ‘Lawyer Bankruptcy’ Machine Works

LOS ANGELES — — With her trademark “LOL” voice, attorney Gloria Allred was back in the spotlight Monday after the California Supreme Court ruled she was a “person with a right to a lawyer.”Allred had argued she was not entitled to a “lonely” attorney, but a lower court judge had ruled she could have one, […]

What is a discrimination lawyer?

Lawyers are sometimes called the “dynamic defense lawyer”, “lawyers with an eye to the future”, or “lawyer for hire” (as a term of art).They specialize in the area of litigation, representing clients in courtrooms, in arbitration hearings, in civil disputes, and for personal injury or wrongful death claims.The law of discrimination is often taught in […]