How to Get a Cat Filter Lawyers Job

Cat filter lawyers are in demand around the world, with a demand for lawyers so high that the legal industry is now in desperate need of a new breed of breed, The Daily Telegraph reported.The newspaper said the profession was in crisis and that there were many legal issues that could be addressed if it […]

How to Avoid the ‘Triple Accident’

The triple-accident myth is the myth that every accident that happens in an accident lawyer’s practice is due to negligence, or, in other words, that a lawyer who has a double accident is somehow culpable for the accident, even if that lawyer does nothing wrong.As such, accidents involving lawyers who are not on their best […]

Patents lawyer: ‘I’m not an idiot’

Patents lawyers Pat Besser and Mark Fong are facing questions from reporters as they appear on stage in downtown Seattle to promote their new book “Patents: A History”.The authors are appearing as part of a series of events to promote the book, which they hope will lead to new legislation that would expand the rights […]