Why the cat filter might be your next job

Bike accidents have become a big business in the last few years, with a new report predicting that the industry will grow by about $4 billion in the next three years.The problem is that not only is it hard to pay for an attorney to represent you, it’s also costly to find someone who can […]

How to get the best advice from a lawyer

You may have read an article about how to find the best lawyer for your situation, and how to make the best decision when it comes to the best possible lawyer for the job. But what is it that makes a lawyer the best for your specific case? The short answer is that it is all about […]

Lawyer Salary and Job Growth, 2017

Lawyers make up about 8% of the US workforce.Their average annual salary is $84,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.Their median annual salary was $68,000 last year.They earn an average of $91,000 per year, according the BLS.Their typical years of work include a three-year probationary period after they get their license and they can […]

How to fight brain injury in court

A patent lawyer has filed a defamation lawsuit against a lawyer for his book on the brain injury defense, accusing him of “intentionally causing serious harm to a third party, including his client.”The defamation lawsuit filed on Wednesday in the Supreme Court of India alleges that “he has deliberately caused harm to the petitioner in […]

How to fight patent trolling in Australia

The case of the man who was wrongly told he had lost his job because of a patent infringement case in Australia is a rare example of a worker comp case getting the legal attention it deserves. In November, Mr Zainul Islam, who runs a bike repair business in Sydney, was told by his boss that […]

How to protect yourself from a patent lawsuit

IN THE UNITED STATES:   A lawsuit claiming a patent on the use of “selfie” has been filed in a New York state court, claiming that a photograph taken with a cell phone camera could be patented. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of William D. Reed, a professor of medicine at the Harvard Medical School, who has […]

How to be a better lawyer: An insider’s guide

The best way to be an independent attorney is to know your market, your competitors, your clients and your sources of income.An insider can help you to become a better lawyer.As the world’s best-selling author of The Insider’s Guide to Law and Economics, Alexis Johnson has taught thousands of lawyers the secrets to success, and […]

Patents lawyer: ‘I’m not an idiot’

Patents lawyers Pat Besser and Mark Fong are facing questions from reporters as they appear on stage in downtown Seattle to promote their new book “Patents: A History”.The authors are appearing as part of a series of events to promote the book, which they hope will lead to new legislation that would expand the rights […]