What’s next for the Juventus defence?

It’s almost a year since the Juventus defender was jailed for eight months by a court in Rome for fraudulently claiming a €1.6m salary from a company which owned his former company. In that time he has spent almost all of his free time away from Juventus and in exile. His new defence team has not been […]

How the world’s most influential female lawyer, who has been called the “feminist queen of the law,” earns a whopping $1.2 million per year

Lawyers who make their living in the United States have a pretty big incentive to have the most glamorous salaries possible.After all, if you’re in the top tier of your field, you’re entitled to a pretty lucrative career.But when it comes to paying for a good lawyer, the numbers can be pretty skewed.Take Jennifer M. […]

Driver pleads guilty to driving drunk, speeding, speeding violation

A Florida man pleaded guilty Thursday to speeding and driving while intoxicated in connection with an accident that killed a pedestrian and seriously injured three others.In a plea agreement with prosecutors, Michael C. Taylor, 47, admitted to driving while impaired and speeding.He was sentenced to three years of probation and a $500 fine.Taylor’s attorney, James […]

Motorcycle accident lawyers pay less,but the law can help

Accident lawyers are well paid but not everyone is able to afford their services.That’s why I decided to take a look at some of the other ways in which the legal profession can help. Lawyer salaries in New ZealandMotorcycle accident attorneys make up less than 5% of the total compensation offered by employers in New, State […]

Which lawyers are in a position to help me win a court case?

More than 100 lawyers have already been hired to help former football player, Marc Sessler, after he was charged with domestic violence in January 2016. Mr Sessler was accused of throwing a bottle at his estranged wife, and she suffered a head injury.The case has been referred to the DPP for consideration.But he has denied the […]

How to get your disability lawyer’s salary report

There’s no better time than now to start a disability lawyer career than now.Here’s how to get the details of a lawyer’s annual salary, what it pays and how to find a lawyer that suits your situation.How to Find a Disability Lawyer If you are currently disabled or are considering getting one, you can find […]

Which lawyer will hire you?

LANCASTER, Calif.— Which lawyer will join your team?Lawyers are looking for candidates who can take on complex, high-profile legal cases.If you’re a legal professional looking for a change of pace, the job-hunting process can be overwhelming.We’ve compiled a list of top legal professionals to help you get started.What’s legal work like?The work involved in legal […]

What happens when a disability lawyer gets her job stolen?

Employers may not have to worry about an employee being sued for violating company policies when the job was stolen by a contractor with the Disability Law Center, a group that advocates for disabled people’s rights.The group said that it has received more than 300 complaints about the theft of disability lawyer jobs in Georgia, […]