How to sue your cat lawyer

If you’re unhappy with your cat’s lawyer, you can sue him or her directly for damages.The Australian Federal Court (AFC) has announced a new class-action scheme, and you can join the hunt for legal aid.In a move that will shock many lawyers, the court has allowed the general public to apply to join a class-led […]

How to become a traffic lawyer near you

The title of this article is taken from my post on How to Become a Traffic Lawyer Near You, which also contains some tips on how to become an effective traffic lawyer in your area.I’m going to outline some of the key elements of being a good traffic lawyer and explain what it takes to […]

How much do lawyers charge for their services?

Legal fees for a trial lawyer are not set in stone and vary depending on the particular lawyer.A trial lawyer who specializes in representing clients for the Ontario Court of Appeal, for example, will charge a sliding scale depending on his or her experience, experience level, and the complexity of the case.For example, a lawyer […]

What is the average lawyer’s salary?

Lawyer salaries vary greatly depending on the industry, the type of case, and how long you have been practicing.If you are a lawyer, however, you will likely be compensated at a much higher rate than a regular public defender, since public defenders are paid on a per-hour basis.The average lawyer is paid $40,000 per year, […]