How to get a visa to visit Australia?

Posted August 01, 2018 07:56:38 The latest immigration news from around the world.By Robert D. JonesAuthor Robert Jones is a freelance journalist and writer based in Toronto.He has written for various publications, including The Economist, The Atlantic, The Hill, New York Times, and The Guardian.He holds a Bachelor of Arts in economics from the University […]

How to become a traffic lawyer near you

The title of this article is taken from my post on How to Become a Traffic Lawyer Near You, which also contains some tips on how to become an effective traffic lawyer in your area.I’m going to outline some of the key elements of being a good traffic lawyer and explain what it takes to […]

New York judge: I’m not afraid of the NFL

New York Judge Alan J. Dershowitz, who won a landmark ruling in the case of two New York police officers accused of shooting an unarmed black man, has resigned.Dershowitzer, the first black U.S. judge, was named by President Trump to fill the seat vacated by Justice Antonin Scalia when he died in February.Dalshowitz has been […]