How to handle an accident lawyer who’s been fired

When you hear someone talk about a free attorney consultation, it can feel like you’re in a nightmare.And the nightmare is, they’re not kidding.It’s not an uncommon situation for the lawyer who represents you in an accident or wrongful death claim.What’s more, most accidents and wrongful deaths are brought to the attention of the Free […]

How to protect yourself from a patent lawsuit

IN THE UNITED STATES:   A lawsuit claiming a patent on the use of “selfie” has been filed in a New York state court, claiming that a photograph taken with a cell phone camera could be patented. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of William D. Reed, a professor of medicine at the Harvard Medical School, who has […]

What is a discrimination lawyer?

Lawyers are sometimes called the “dynamic defense lawyer”, “lawyers with an eye to the future”, or “lawyer for hire” (as a term of art).They specialize in the area of litigation, representing clients in courtrooms, in arbitration hearings, in civil disputes, and for personal injury or wrongful death claims.The law of discrimination is often taught in […]