Driver pleads guilty to driving drunk, speeding, speeding violation

A Florida man pleaded guilty Thursday to speeding and driving while intoxicated in connection with an accident that killed a pedestrian and seriously injured three others.In a plea agreement with prosecutors, Michael C. Taylor, 47, admitted to driving while impaired and speeding.He was sentenced to three years of probation and a $500 fine.Taylor’s attorney, James […]

Which lawyer will hire you?

LANCASTER, Calif.— Which lawyer will join your team?Lawyers are looking for candidates who can take on complex, high-profile legal cases.If you’re a legal professional looking for a change of pace, the job-hunting process can be overwhelming.We’ve compiled a list of top legal professionals to help you get started.What’s legal work like?The work involved in legal […]

How to Get Your Case Heard on Appeal in California

A lawyer can win an appeal against an eviction from a rental property by presenting an accident attorney who is familiar with the property and who can offer testimony.A California judge can award money damages and attorney’s fees if the case is successful.Learn how to find an accident lawyer in the Los Angeles area.“If you’re […]