How to handle an accident lawyer who’s been fired

When you hear someone talk about a free attorney consultation, it can feel like you’re in a nightmare.And the nightmare is, they’re not kidding.It’s not an uncommon situation for the lawyer who represents you in an accident or wrongful death claim.What’s more, most accidents and wrongful deaths are brought to the attention of the Free […]

What’s your free lawyer consultation?

Free lawyer consultation is a new concept for businesses and consumers, and we want to give you a chance to learn more about it.Free lawyer consultations are free, and it’s easy to sign up for one.Here’s everything you need to know.Read more…Read more »

Lawyers: Cat and lawyer get new car after lawsuit over car

A lawyer who is suing his employer for allegedly making him take time off to care for his sick cat has been awarded $10,000 in a wrongful dismissal lawsuit.In January, Michael Tannenbaum, of Doylestown, Pennsylvania, sued his employer, Leland Corporation, for making him work longer than the normal seven days for a car accident.His case […]