Average lawyer salary in US, 2018

Average lawyer salaries in the United States increased slightly in 2018 to $102,000, according to data from salary.com.This was up from $100,000 in 2017, but still below the average $117,000 average.The average US lawyer made $107,500 in 2018.

Which lawyer will hire you?

LANCASTER, Calif.— Which lawyer will join your team?Lawyers are looking for candidates who can take on complex, high-profile legal cases.If you’re a legal professional looking for a change of pace, the job-hunting process can be overwhelming.We’ve compiled a list of top legal professionals to help you get started.What’s legal work like?The work involved in legal […]

How to be a better lawyer: An insider’s guide

The best way to be an independent attorney is to know your market, your competitors, your clients and your sources of income.An insider can help you to become a better lawyer.As the world’s best-selling author of The Insider’s Guide to Law and Economics, Alexis Johnson has taught thousands of lawyers the secrets to success, and […]

How to get an in-home cat filter in a divorce case

In-home cats are among the most expensive items on the divorce checklist, but how much can you get in court?If you’re divorced and the house is in the process of being sold, there’s a good chance you’ll want to avoid buying an expensive pet.But even if you’re able to find an affordable pet, the courts […]