How to get your disability lawyer’s salary report

There’s no better time than now to start a disability lawyer career than now.Here’s how to get the details of a lawyer’s annual salary, what it pays and how to find a lawyer that suits your situation.How to Find a Disability Lawyer If you are currently disabled or are considering getting one, you can find […]

What happens when a disability lawyer gets her job stolen?

Employers may not have to worry about an employee being sued for violating company policies when the job was stolen by a contractor with the Disability Law Center, a group that advocates for disabled people’s rights.The group said that it has received more than 300 complaints about the theft of disability lawyer jobs in Georgia, […]

How to sue an employer for wrongful termination

I had an article published in the American Lawyer, in which I was accused of “intentional infliction of emotional distress” and “intentionally misleading the employer” by asking my employer to provide me with the information I wanted in the workplace.I did not file a formal complaint, and this article has been widely circulated online, but […]