How much does a lawyer make in Boston?

About three months after the shooting, a lawyer with the firm of Dorsey & Barris offered his services for a fee.According to the Boston Globe, the contract called for Dorsey to represent Trump and his business partners for a minimum of three months and was worth $1,600 a month.A lawyer at a larger firm, a […]

How to tell if your baby is in your custody

It’s not often you hear the word “custody lawyer” in the same breath with a court hearing.But that’s what’s happening in New Zealand when a mother and her baby are in court.Custody attorneys are the people who represent parents in custody cases.They represent parents who want to go back into custody and protect the safety […]

How to get the best of both worlds

Legal professionals are increasingly being paid more than their counterparts in other professions.And they’re often paid less.According to a new study, the median annual salary of an attorney in Canada was $91,000 in 2014, up 10 per cent from 2013.The median annual pay for a medical malpractice attorney was $96,000, down 12 per cent.The study, […]