How to find the best tax lawyer in the country

Tax attorneys are becoming increasingly sought-after by corporations and other businesses, but many are underpaid.Tax lawyers typically charge $50,000 a year, according to an Associated Press analysis.The average lawyer earns about $60,000 annually, according the Tax Foundation, and many of the top-paid lawyers earn more than $100,000.They have a reputation for being tough on the […]

Which lawyers are in a position to help me win a court case?

More than 100 lawyers have already been hired to help former football player, Marc Sessler, after he was charged with domestic violence in January 2016. Mr Sessler was accused of throwing a bottle at his estranged wife, and she suffered a head injury.The case has been referred to the DPP for consideration.But he has denied the […]

What happens when a disability lawyer gets her job stolen?

Employers may not have to worry about an employee being sued for violating company policies when the job was stolen by a contractor with the Disability Law Center, a group that advocates for disabled people’s rights.The group said that it has received more than 300 complaints about the theft of disability lawyer jobs in Georgia, […]