How to get the most out of your probate attorney’s salary

When the question of a probate judge’s salary comes up, you’ll often hear a number of different answers, from $150,000 to $300,000, and from $500,000-$1 million.For a large probate court, that number may actually be higher.Here’s the breakdown of the various options, and how they’re calculated for a lawyer’s salary in probate, the legal profession’s […]

How to win a bicycle accident lawyer in New York City

If you’re looking to win the court battle for a child custody case, you might want to hire a bicycle lawyer.But what’s the best way to do that?Bicycling is a big business in New Yorkers and other cities across the U.S., so the question is worth asking.The New York Times recently conducted a survey of […]

Lawyers suing to recover $1.5M in child support

The lawyers for the parents of a boy who says he was abused by his father and his stepmother have filed a lawsuit accusing the state of failing to investigate his claims of abuse.The lawsuit seeks to recover more than $1 million in child-support and child-torture claims from state-run agencies and attorneys who have represented […]