How to sue your cat lawyer

If you’re unhappy with your cat’s lawyer, you can sue him or her directly for damages.The Australian Federal Court (AFC) has announced a new class-action scheme, and you can join the hunt for legal aid.In a move that will shock many lawyers, the court has allowed the general public to apply to join a class-led […]

Why a bank lawyer may be a bankruptcy lawyer

When a bankruptcy attorney receives a judgment from a creditor or creditor-related party, the creditor can either file a motion for judgment or ask for the judgment to be vacated.The court will then decide whether to uphold the judgment or to grant the creditor a stay.The debtor has the option of appealing to the bankruptcy […]

Why is this lawyer so smart?

The case of Brittany Clark, the woman who claims she was raped by her lawyer, has made headlines around the world.The trial is being held in the High Court in Sydney and is expected to last two weeks.Ms Clark has been charged with sexually assaulting two women over the course of two decades.She claims her […]