How to Find the Best Corporate Lawyer

Corporate lawyer Casey Anthony is a case study in how the internet has changed the way people find their way to a corporate lawyer.After the tragic death of her father in 2013, Anthony moved to California and began working on her own cases.She has become one of the best-known corporate lawyers in the country, with […]

Average lawyer salary in US, 2018

Average lawyer salaries in the United States increased slightly in 2018 to $102,000, according to data from was up from $100,000 in 2017, but still below the average $117,000 average.The average US lawyer made $107,500 in 2018.

When is your cat’s lawyer case?

A cat filter lawyer, whose clientele includes celebrities like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, is facing legal problems in New York.Cat Filters has filed a lawsuit against Katy Perry’s attorney Casey Anthony, alleging the artist used her cat filter on the singer’s Instagram account.The lawsuit says that Anthony used the cat filter to harass her.In […]

What you need to know about a wrongful termination lawyer

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has issued a warning that some of the world’s largest securities firms have breached their fiduciary duty by refusing to provide financial records of a former employee who was terminated from a job at a bank that was involved in the bank’s financial troubles.Key points:Investment company CBA says it […]