Why a bank lawyer may be a bankruptcy lawyer

When a bankruptcy attorney receives a judgment from a creditor or creditor-related party, the creditor can either file a motion for judgment or ask for the judgment to be vacated.The court will then decide whether to uphold the judgment or to grant the creditor a stay.The debtor has the option of appealing to the bankruptcy […]

How to avoid bankruptcy lawyer scams

Bankruptcy lawyers who are paid to represent clients can also become the target of scams, according to the lawyers’ guild.Judges, lawyers and other employees in the United States and around the world are being paid by companies to represent their clients, and some of them use the legal services of a lawyer to do so, […]

Why you should be able to file for bankruptcy

The bankruptcy laws don’t allow people to be discharged if they’re unable to pay their debts and they’re not covered by a mortgage or car loan.However, if you’re the spouse or child of someone who has had a catastrophic financial situation, you’re able to petition for bankruptcy.The rules for bankruptcy filing are pretty simple: You […]