Judge rules against LexisNexis defamation lawsuit

A New Jersey Superior Court judge has ruled against a defamation lawsuit filed by a personal injury lawyer against Lexi Johns.The ruling comes just a few weeks after Johns won her case against the online retailer.Johns has sued Lexis-Nexus for $7.7 million in damages for defaming her and alleging she caused injuries.The lawsuit also alleged […]

Why the Lincoln Lawyers’ bankruptcy is so important

When LexisNexis filed for bankruptcy protection in March of 2018, many analysts expected that the company would fall into receivership.But that didn’t happen.Instead, the company managed to get the bankruptcy protection granted by the court and, by the end of 2018 the legal firm’s stock price soared.As a result, the lawyers have been able to […]

How to protect yourself from workplace harassment

Posted April 20, 2018 12:01:58When you’re out in the world, you’re bound to meet some people who have different opinions about what is or isn’t a good idea.And one of the best ways to keep yourself safe is to be able to defend yourself.This is the position of a lawyer who specializes in workplace harassment.Alexis […]

How to be a better lawyer: An insider’s guide

The best way to be an independent attorney is to know your market, your competitors, your clients and your sources of income.An insider can help you to become a better lawyer.As the world’s best-selling author of The Insider’s Guide to Law and Economics, Alexis Johnson has taught thousands of lawyers the secrets to success, and […]

My husband’s accident lawyer is suing me

My husband has a serious medical condition and has been in and out of the hospital since his accident.He is a lawyer who represents accident victims, family law lawyers, and contract lawyers.He has been an attorney for 30 years, and he is a highly respected and respected member of the profession.The family law lawyer who […]