How to find an accident lawyer

You have a claim of a personal injury or property damage in an accident.You are looking for a lawyer.Do you need to contact a lawyer?If so, what is the best way to do so?The law on personal injury is complex, and can include many factors, such as the type of injury, how much money you […]

How to Avoid the ‘Triple Accident’

The triple-accident myth is the myth that every accident that happens in an accident lawyer’s practice is due to negligence, or, in other words, that a lawyer who has a double accident is somehow culpable for the accident, even if that lawyer does nothing wrong.As such, accidents involving lawyers who are not on their best […]

How to Get Your Case Heard on Appeal in California

A lawyer can win an appeal against an eviction from a rental property by presenting an accident attorney who is familiar with the property and who can offer testimony.A California judge can award money damages and attorney’s fees if the case is successful.Learn how to find an accident lawyer in the Los Angeles area.“If you’re […]