When is it OK to hire a lawyer?

If you are an attorney, you may have heard the phrase “lawyer vs lawyer.”This phrase refers to the legal battles between parties that often come to court over contracts, debts, or business matters.While many legal battles are personal in nature, they can also take place in the public sector, such as when a contractor or […]

How to find your bankruptcy lawyer near you

When you get a call from a bankruptcy lawyer, it might be the most important call of your life.With a lawyer in your corner, you can win more than you bargained for.But you need to know what you need and how to find one.We talked to lawyers and bankruptcy experts about what you can do […]

How to Survive a Brain Injury

Criminal defense lawyer?Do you have the skills to defend your clients against malpractice suits?Are you looking for a better deal?Do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] or find me on Twitter @alexcurtiseshow.medical malphacosis lawyer article A medical malpractice attorney is someone who has specialized in medical malphaccosis, a medical condition in which the brain […]