Trump’s tax lawyers say he has no tax plan

President Donald Trump’s lawyers have told the Senate that he does not plan to submit his tax returns to Congress, a senior White House official said Thursday, the latest in a series of moves that would further undermine the legitimacy of his presidency.Trump has repeatedly insisted that he will release his tax return, but Senate […]

‘Lambda’ and ‘Trolls’ collide in Queensland Supreme Court

A case about a ‘Trolling’ and a ‘Lambo’ will go to the Queensland Supreme Tribunal.Posted on Tuesday, October 10, 2019, the case is being heard by a barrister from Brisbane’s law firm Lambda Legal.Topics:law-crime-and-justice,courts-and/or-trials,courthouses-and.ambulance-centre,law-relations,crime,brazilian-aruba,brisbane-4000,qld,melbourne-3000More stories from Queensland

The real reason why the US unemployment rate is so high

Unemployment lawyers are not happy about the fact that the US labor market is so skewed towards long-term unemployed workers.“It’s not just about the unemployment rate, it’s also about the level of underemployment,” said Paul Schaffer, a former Labor Department official who is now a labor economics professor at the University of Southern California.“If you […]

How much does a lawyer make in Boston?

About three months after the shooting, a lawyer with the firm of Dorsey & Barris offered his services for a fee.According to the Boston Globe, the contract called for Dorsey to represent Trump and his business partners for a minimum of three months and was worth $1,600 a month.A lawyer at a larger firm, a […]