The Washington Post says its ethics watchdog is investigating the ethics of Trump lawyer, who has ‘misused taxpayer funds’

The Washington Times has fired its ethics official after finding he failed to properly disclose his work on behalf of Trump, a move the paper said was prompted by his “misuse of taxpayer funds.”

The Ethics and Public Policy Center (EPPC), which is part of the Washington Post’s board, said in a statement Friday that it was reviewing the decision to fire the official, Robert W. McChesney.

The Ethics & Public Policy Council (EPPAC), which has been conducting an independent investigation of the president, said that it is looking into McChesneys actions.

“The board of directors of EPPC was unaware of this matter at the time of his termination,” the statement said.

“EPPC will be conducting an internal review into the actions of Mr. McChersney and will make a decision on the next steps in the investigation, including the resolution of the conflict of interest allegations.”

McChesney previously worked as a partner at Jones Day, a Washington-based law firm that has been accused of misusing taxpayer funds.

The Times said in February that McChesnley and his firm had worked on a lawsuit against Trump that was filed by a former executive of a company that had been sold to a foreign government.

In the lawsuit, the former executive alleged that Jones Day was engaged in a pattern of corruption that “exacerbated the problems at the Trump Organization.”

The former executive said that McChensons company did not have any ethics compliance requirements.

A spokesperson for Jones Day declined to comment.

The Washington Post reported earlier this month that McChenys work on the case had “the potential to undermine the president’s trust in him as president, which could cause harm to the president and the United States.”

The paper reported that McCheys did not disclose that his work for Jones, a business empire that has drawn criticism for its ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, was funded by taxpayers, including $3,500 from the Treasury Department and $5,000 from the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Post reported that in 2013, the Trump family contributed $1.7 million to the Jones Day foundation and that the family was also responsible for a $3 million donation to the Washington-area Republican Party in 2014.

The company is now run by two brothers who also served as advisers to Trump in his campaign for the presidency.

The Associated Press reported earlier Friday that Jones day also has a $100,000 donation from the president to the nonprofit Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), which seeks to hold those in power accountable.CREW’s president, Noah Bookbinder, told The Hill that the donation is not “inappropriate” and that “there is nothing inappropriate about the donations.”

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