How to be a better lawyer: An insider’s guide

The best way to be an independent attorney is to know your market, your competitors, your clients and your sources of income.

An insider can help you to become a better lawyer.

As the world’s best-selling author of The Insider’s Guide to Law and Economics, Alexis Johnson has taught thousands of lawyers the secrets to success, and now he has a book of those secrets for you to try out.

The Insider’s Handbook is packed with insights on how to get a better deal on your case and get your clients to sign on the dotted line.

Johnson has helped more than 400,000 people become lawyers and is a frequent speaker on legal issues, including corporate liability, bankruptcy, wrongful death, and securities fraud.

In addition to being a highly sought-after speaker, Johnson also co-authored The Insider Guide to the Law of Property (ABA) with former law professor Steven Levy.

The book contains many practical, practical tips and tricks to improve your legal career.

Johnson was the recipient of the 2008 “Best Lawyer” award from the Bar Association of Texas.

The Insider is now available at and from Barnes & Noble.

The Insider is published by Crown Publishers, a division of Penguin Random House.

It has been reviewed by, ABC,,

The insider’s advice on legal matters can be found on the Insider’s web site at or on Facebook at www,!/Investorsweb/investors.

The insider’s newsletter is published twice a year.

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