What’s next for the cat lawyer, Brent Clark?

Posted October 11, 2018 09:59:53When Brent Clark was diagnosed with ALS in 2016, he had to leave the world of legal work and seek a new way to cope with his condition.

Now, as he begins a new chapter in his life, he’s hoping to take the world by storm with his new cat lawyer: a little-known web video that shows Brent explaining to his cats how to use his lawyer.

The video was posted on YouTube by a cat lawyer named Chris, and the results are quite stunning.

The cats in the video appear to be able to understand a lot of the material Brent is discussing, which is not uncommon for cat lawyers.

As you can see, the cats in this video understand a fair bit about Brent’s lawyer, the video shows that the cat lawyers can help the client understand a complicated legal issue and that the client is able to follow along in the process.

The cats don’t seem to have learned a whole lot, but they seem to be learning something.

The cat lawyer is currently being billed at $1,500 a month.

However, Chris says Brent is willing to pay more if he can get the video out there so that other cat lawyers will get the message and start using it.

Chris says Brent has also asked to use the video for the purpose of promoting his new pet law firm, the cat legal team.

Chris says he can’t confirm that Brent has been offered the position, but he thinks that Brent would be a good fit.

Brent Clark is not a stranger to cat lawyer videos, having done work for several of them.

Brent is now living out of his own car, but the cat’s lawyer wasnt always that kind of a cat.

In fact, Brent had a hard time finding a cat to use in his cat lawyer.

As a child, Brent was a regular in the animal shelter where his mom worked.

Brent had been abused by other cats and was placed in foster care, but eventually found a cat that was his own.

Brent became obsessed with this cat and loved every minute of being with it.

The kitten was named Bob, and Brent started giving him lessons about cat behavior.

Eventually, Brent adopted Bob and put him up for adoption.

However in 2016 Brent suffered from ALS and his cat had to be put down.

The kitten’s medical bills started piling up and Brent had to take a step back.

The next year, Brent started a new job at the Animal Care and Control in the same city, and he loved being home with his cat.

Brent was working as a lawyer when his cat was diagnosed and had to move out of the shelter to keep it from getting into trouble.

Now Brent is back in his new job, but as he has to go to work for the next couple of weeks, he will be staying with Bob, who is now his personal cat lawyer for the time being.

Bob has always been a very close friend of Brent and Brent has a lot to say about Bob.

Brent has even invited Bob to his home for Christmas, and Bob has been there for the entire time.

Bob is a sweet, friendly cat and Brent says he has never had a cat fight.

Berett Clark is a pet lawyer who has worked with a lot, and has an extensive knowledge of the legal system, animal care, and even cat behavior, all of which he uses in his work.

Brent says Bob is always there to lend a hand when Brent needs help, and there’s no doubt he will do so again.

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