How Alex Jones and Alex Jones, two of the most hated people in America, got their way

Alex Jones is not known for being a good listener.

On the contrary, he’s a big listener himself, even when it comes to his favorite topics.

He’s even called the man who runs his website Infowars a friend.

Now, with a new book, Infowar: The Rise and Fall of Alex Jones (Penguin), he has a chance to be a lot more patient with his hosts, who he calls “the most hated person in America.”

“It’s not about me, it’s about you,” he tells The Daily Beast.

“I don’t want to make fun of you.”

And while he does have a habit of poking fun at people, Jones doesn’t always let that get in the way of making people feel better.

“Alex Jones is the most famous personality in the world,” he says, “and he is also the most annoying.

It’s hard to believe.”

A lot of the problems with Alex Jones’ listenership are tied to a few factors: He’s not particularly interested in listening to his audience, and he doesn’t have much patience for his listeners who are.

“The problem with him is he can’t listen,” says the founder of Infoware, an online conspiracy theory site.

“He’s never been able to hear what we have to say.”

When Jones’ show first started in 2005, it was the kind of show that could get people talking about politics, but as it gained popularity, Jones began to be less interested in it.

In 2012, he stopped playing his regular show after his show began to become more of a parody of reality.

But as the year went on, it became clear that Jones was not listening to the audience anymore.

The most popular show on the Internet at the time was The Alex Jones Show, a parody that made fun of mainstream media and was hosted by an angry right-wing journalist who also called himself “the King of Truth.”

The website went offline in 2016, but Jones continued to get traffic.

He was the only talk show host in the country to consistently make it into the top 10 most-viewed shows on YouTube.

By the end of 2017,, an official site for the Alex Jones show, was down for several days, with Jones not showing up to the site. was also down for weeks, and a new AlexJones show, Infoposters, was hosted entirely by Jones.

But he didn’t take it well.

The show wasn’t a show he liked.

It wasn’t the kind he would watch in person.

And he had no plans to ever return to it.

“That’s the biggest reason why I stopped doing it,” Jones told The Daily Show.

Jones had been going to for several years, but he had never heard any of the content there.

He decided to create his own Infowaris site, which he called the “Infowar” website.

The new show would be entirely dedicated to Infowsar, a show called The AlexJokes Show that he would be hosting on his own.

“You would have to watch it for yourself to understand it,” he said.

Jones said he was confident that his show would work.

He would show his audience a variety of topics, from conspiracies to the election to the Kardashians, and then he would introduce a segment that would focus on one of the hosts, such as The Infowaredian.

The hosts would give Jones a wide range of opinions on everything.

He said he would use to host the show and distribute it to his followers.

“We’d put out some stuff, and we’d tell them, ‘Look, it works.

You can watch it on and all of your followers will see it,'” Jones told the Daily Show in 2018.

The Infowsare website was a lot like had been, except for one thing: Infowarer.

Jones would put out a video that would be uploaded to YouTube.

Jones was going to show it to people.

InfOWar would be the Infowardian, with Alex making the first appearance.

Jones wanted to do this to show his listeners that he was serious, he said, and that he wasn’t going to back down.

But his fans weren’t going along with it.

There were people who liked the show, but others weren’t.

And the show was losing viewers.

“In all of the years that I’ve been doing this, I’ve never had people say, ‘No, no, no.

You guys are the best show on,'” Jones said.

“But now, the Infowsery is in the bottom ten.”

Jones says has had a rough year, with its audience decreasing by 30 percent. The site

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