Which of the candidates is the most anti-union?

Labor lawyer and author Lisa Krasnick says the Greens are the most pro-union in terms of their position on the issue, and she thinks that’s because of the party’s strong position on striking rights.

Krasnick, who also works for the Australian Council of Trade Unions, said it was important to highlight the Greens’ positions in a way that made them easier to understand, given their strong support for strikes.

“The Greens are one of the few parties that have actually taken the view that workers have the right to strike,” Ms Krasnik said.

“They are the only party that is actually saying that strikes are legal, and they are the ones who are saying it in a very strong way.”

Ms Krasneck said she was surprised to see the Greens appear to be so strongly anti-strike.

“We haven’t seen any Greens support for striking in their party platform,” she said.

“It’s just not something that they really put any weight behind.”

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