Judge orders ex-prosecutor to pay $15K to former defense lawyer who sued him for wrongful dismissal

A federal judge in Missouri has ordered former prosecutor Matthew Anthony to pay the ex-employee of a prominent civil rights lawyer $15,000 for defamation.

In a motion filed Tuesday in the Missouri court, federal Judge Christopher H. Jones Jr. said Anthony had a duty to investigate the lawsuit by former state Rep. James E. McNally and his wife, Kim, in which they accused Anthony of sexual harassment.

Anthony, who is not the judge but was appointed by former President Barack Obama, declined to comment.

Anthons lawsuit against McNally, a Democrat who is running for governor, claimed the former prosecutor had used a private investigator and “paid a man” to lure McNally to the state capital and have sex with him.

McNally sued Anthony in August 2015, alleging that he sexually harassed him in a Washington, D.C., hotel room.

Anthonys attorneys say the suit was “a desperate attempt by the plaintiffs to get vindication of the sexual harassment allegation and an opportunity to pay for their lawyers’ fees and to obtain relief from the sexual-harassment suit.”

McNal is running against state Rep and Republican former Gov.

Eric Greitens.

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