How to fight brain injury in court

A patent lawyer has filed a defamation lawsuit against a lawyer for his book on the brain injury defense, accusing him of “intentionally causing serious harm to a third party, including his client.”

The defamation lawsuit filed on Wednesday in the Supreme Court of India alleges that “he has deliberately caused harm to the petitioner in the interest of profit,” and also accuses him of having “maliciously defamed and defamed him in his own words.”

The complaint, filed by the lawyer, Sunil Kumar, also says that “it is alleged that the accused, through his publications, has defamed the petitioner and caused serious damage to his reputation and reputation of the petitioner, by his wrongful and malicious conduct in his publications.”

The case, filed in the special judge of the Supreme Judicial Court, is the first of its kind to be filed in India.

According to a news report, the lawsuit comes in response to a complaint filed by an attorney, K. Ramanathan, who said that Kumar’s book, titled “The Right to Defense Against Brain Injury,” had been “published by the same person, under the title of the same lawyer, in a bookshop in Delhi, and in various newspapers.”

Kumar, who has been practicing in Delhi for 25 years, is also the author of several books, including “The Legal Mind,” which was published in 2015.

He is also a frequent commentator on the television channels NDTV, CNN-IBN, ANI and other channels.

According the NDTV report, Kumar is “a well-known legal analyst and lecturer who has written extensively on the legal philosophy and practice of the law in India, and is also an eminent expert in the field of brain injury law.”

The news report also said that the complaint says that Kumar “has deliberately defamed” and “defamed” the petitioner.

It added that Kumar has “intentionalcaused harm to [the petitioner’s] reputation and the reputation of his client” in his publication.

The Delhi High Court, however, has dismissed the defamation suit against Kumar, ruling that the publisher of the book, Ashish Kumar, did not file a “defamation notice” to the court, as required by law.

The court also said the complaint against Kumar is a “false complaint” and that it does not amount to a defamation, and it has ordered the publisher to file a reply.

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