How to find the right lawyer for your accident or disability case

There’s nothing quite like being a victim of an accident.

If you’re going to sue someone, it helps to have someone there to hear your case.

And while it’s always nice to have the ability to speak your mind and be heard, having an advocate who understands your situation is often a valuable resource.

If a person you’re suing is your friend or relative, or someone you know or have known for a while, it’s a great opportunity to ask for their help.

Here’s a look at the best lawyers in the country, and how to find them.


Alameda County Superior Court Judge James A. Sullivan (above) has been in law for more than 50 years.

He handles more than 400,000 civil and criminal cases annually, and he’s been involved in over $6 billion in cases.

Sullivan has had several clients sue for injury, property damage, and other claims, and the judge has worked for the state, federal, and local governments.

He’s the only person in California with the title “State’s Attorney,” and he can also handle cases involving drug offenses.

Sullivan’s courtroom is large and comfortable, and his chambers are decorated with photographs of famous Californians and celebrities.

His courtroom is often packed during trial, and it’s easy to see why.

The judge has a reputation for being friendly and helpful, but he’s also got a reputation as a competent and fair judge.

He has no history of misconduct, and has been nominated for multiple awards and given the prestigious “Judge of the Year” award.

Sullivan also has a very impressive resume.

He won his law degree from Stanford University and he earned a law degree at the University of California, Berkeley.

Sullivan is also an active member of the National Association of Civil Rights Judges (NACRJ).

The NACRj judges are responsible for reviewing and deciding whether to approve a complaint or motion to dismiss.

A complaint can be filed with a judge if you have suffered some form of injury or property damage from an accident or a disability.

A motion to vacate the result of a hearing can be brought by a party alleging that the judge made an unfair or deceptive decision.

You can find a copy of the NACrj complaint procedure here.

If your case involves a motor vehicle accident, you should be familiar with California’s traffic law, which allows you to file a lawsuit for personal injury and property damage in California.

You should also have a good understanding of the California Consumer Fraud Act.

If that doesn’t give you enough information, read on.

If not, we’ll help you learn the law.


Superior Court Justice David M. Albertson (above, center) is a former judge and current judge of the Superior Court of California.

He was elected to the California Supreme Court in 1993 and was sworn in as a judge in 2003.

Alberson has served as a district judge in the Superior Courts of San Francisco and San Mateo since 2009.

He is also a former assistant district attorney in the San Mateos, Contra Costa, and Santa Clara Counties.

Albernysons courtroom is also large and spacious, and there are plenty of opportunities to listen to your case in the judge’s chambers.

Alberman is an active judge, and can be heard on all kinds of cases, including child abuse and neglect cases.

Albenysons court is also decorated with memorabilia from his time on the bench.

Albinyson is the only judge in California to be elected to both the state and national boards of governors.

He earned his law license from UC Davis in 1997 and later became a judge.

Alby is also known for his courtroom demeanor and willingness to listen.

He often has a good conversation with his clients, and is always willing to answer any questions that come his way.

Albay County Superior District Judge Thomas M. O’Malley is also the former chairman of the San Francisco Superior Court, and in 2003 became the state’s first judge to be named “Solitary Judge of the year” for his work on a case of child abuse.

He retired in 2006 after serving in the position for more a decade.

Oleg, who has served in numerous capacities, is the founder of the “Olegian Law Firm” law firm in San Francisco.

He also runs a large practice in Santa Clara County.

If Alameda is the place you want to go, this may be your best bet.

Ollies law firm has handled more than 5,500 civil and family matters in his 23 years on the job, and if you’re facing a case involving someone who has suffered from a serious injury or disease, he’s an experienced and compassionate lawyer.

Olamas chambers are also big and comfortable.

Olin is also active in his community, including serving on the San Jose Unified School District board and serving on its community advisory board.

His chambers are large and open, and you

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