Truck crash lawyer who represented truck driver killed in crash says he’ll be filing a lawsuit

A truck driver who represented a truck driver fatally struck by a car has filed a lawsuit accusing the driver of violating the Motor Vehicle Act.

The crash happened on Friday at around 5.15pm when a driver travelling in a semi-trailer collided with a truck.

The truck was travelling westbound on the A380, heading to Sydney from Perth.

It is alleged the truck driver was travelling in the westbound lane when he collided with the semi-truck.

A statement from lawyer David Williams said his client, who was also travelling in that lane, was “very close to the semi at the time” and that “as he tried to get away from the truck, he was struck by the truck”.

“He was thrown off his truck and died instantly,” he said.

“It was a horrific collision and a terrible loss of life.”

Mr Williams said the truck was the only one in the lane at the moment of the collision.

“There were other vehicles driving in the same direction at the same time, but the truck didn’t see them,” he told ABC Radio Perth.

“We’ll be challenging this claim.”

Mr William said he was working with the coroner’s office to investigate what happened and that his client was due to take his own life on Monday.

He said he believed there was a strong likelihood of an inquest.

“I think this could be very difficult,” he added.

“He’ll be taking his own lives as well as the family of his wife and children.”

Mr James, a trucking instructor, had represented the trucking company which owns the truck.

He told ABC radio he had not seen his client in more than a year and said he had no idea what had happened.

“This was a very sad day, we lost a very good person,” he explained.

“The truck had been travelling about 200 kilometres per hour on the road and the truck had collided with this semi and this driver has been hit and killed.”

What happened is a tragedy.

The truck was in the wrong lane, the truck wasn’t paying attention, the driver was distracted, there was no one in front of the truck.

“Mr Francis, a lawyer who also represents truck drivers, said it was important to “hold the driver responsible” and the drivers fault should be taken into account.”

Everyone knows that you’re not supposed to be driving the truck with your eyes on the rear view mirror,” he continued.”

But I think if the truck is moving a lot of traffic, and there’s a lot people going in and out of the lanes at a time, the drivers are looking at the rear and not the front of their truck.

“You’re putting the driver in a very bad position.”

Mr Davis, a father-of-three, said he and his wife were shocked and devastated by the death of Mr Williams.

“My heart goes out to his family, his wife, his children, and everyone else involved in this accident,” he wrote on Facebook.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.”

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