Will lawyer Kim Kardashians’ cat lawyer, Lincoln lawyer, arrested in Scotland

Kim Kardi, a criminal defense lawyer who has represented a number of people accused of crimes including drug trafficking, murder and child sexual abuse, has been arrested in Edinburgh, Scotland, on charges of possessing child pornography, police said.

She is currently in custody, Scotland Yard said.

The 40-year-old lawyer, who is married to an Irish citizen, was arrested by Scotland Yard’s anti-corruption unit, Scotland’s Scotland Yard Scotland said in a statement on Tuesday.

Kardash, a mother of three, was taken into custody by Scotland’s Police Service after she refused to leave a London apartment where she is believed to have been staying with her husband, a retired police officer.

Scotland’s Metropolitan Police said Kardasos husband, who has since died, was aware of the investigation.

It said the couple were also living in a separate address and were not aware that their property was being searched.

Kardi was arrested in November 2016 after Scotland’s Anti-Terrorism Act was amended to allow police to raid a person’s home for any purpose, and her lawyer, Michael Kirkpatrick, was granted permission to enter the home.

Police were tipped off about Kardashes activities after she was accused of supplying child pornography to a man, who then posted it on the internet.

In November 2017, Scotland also revoked her citizenship, prompting Kardos to leave the country.

She had previously been granted residency in London and received a British passport.

The Metropolitan Police service said Kardi was under “exhaustive investigation” after her arrest.

Scotland has recently been rocked by a wave of sex offences allegations against prominent figures, including politicians and senior police officers.

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