Which is the best job?

This is a guest post by Cat Filter, a career and personal development attorney based in the Portland, OR area.

Cat has been practicing in the Oregon area since 2013 and specializes in legal services for individuals with disabilities.

Cat was also the host of a podcast, The Cat Filter Podcast, on the Law and Disability Network in 2018.

You can find her at catfilterlaw.com, and you can also find her on Twitter @CatFilterLaw.

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When it comes to applying for work, you may be wondering which position is best for you.

It’s important to understand the criteria you’ll need to meet in order to be considered for a particular job, as well as the specific duties and responsibilities that a disability might entail.

Here’s a brief summary of the job-related factors that may make or break your application:How does a disability fit into my life?

How will my disability affect my career?

How can I help others with disabilities?

What will my employer need me to do?

What kind of job will I be doing?

What kinds of skills will I need to use in that job?

What are the job responsibilities?

Who will have to pay me for my work?

What is the compensation?

How much will it be?

How do they calculate it?

What types of compensation do I get?

What if I get a disability while applying?

Is it necessary?

How would I know if it’s necessary?

How do I file for a different position?

Are there benefits to filing a disability discrimination claim?

What should I expect when applying for an interview?

What are the deadlines?

What benefits can I expect?

What can I do if I’m not hired?

Are job applicants treated equally?

What happens if I have a disability that doesn’t fit into the job description?

How does the job application process work?

How much can a disability be covered?

What about job applications that include disability-related information?

Does this affect my job search?

How should I respond to questions about my disability?

What does disability mean to me?

How can I get help if I am in a disability-specific situation?

What do I need for disability-aware hiring?

What advice can I give others?

What happens if my disability is discovered after the interview?

Who should I call if I experience any difficulties in the job search process?

Can I apply to more than one job?

Can I be terminated for being in a wheelchair?

What else should I know about job search processes?

What steps can I take to make sure my application is complete?

What should I do before submitting my application?

What if my application has a disability exception?

Can employers hire me?

What information do employers need to know?

How to submit your disability-relevant resume?

What constitutes a disability and why?

Who can I ask about my disabilities?

Does my disability apply to my job?

Can my disability be disclosed to the job interviewers?

What I need from my employer when interviewing me?

Who else should you call if you experience any difficulty in the process?

What questions should I ask during the job interviewing process?

Are I eligible for any other types of accommodations?

Is there an appeal process?

Does a disability apply for disability discrimination?

How does this apply to other areas of employment?

How will the hiring and promotion process work for me?

If I’m a former worker, what should I say about my employment history to my new employer?

What can I say during the interview process?

What do I have to tell the hiring manager about my job history?

What am I expected to do to make my new boss proud?

Can someone else get hired after my application, should I apply with them or with the company?

What, if anything, should employers do to ensure my qualifications are up to par?

Can a disability affect the hiring process?

How should I handle an emergency?

What other questions should employers ask me?

How long does it take for a person with a specific disability to be eligible for a new job?

What legal protections should I have when applying to become an employee?

What about disability-linked claims?

What rights do I retain if I lose my job due to my disability or disability-based discrimination?

What factors should be considered when deciding whether or not to fire someone?

Can people with disabilities make a complaint against their employers?

What’s the difference between an employee and a contractor?

What rights do people with a particular disability have?

Can an employer terminate an employee for being a disabled person?

Can an employer fire an employee without a disability or if it is determined that the disability is not a major contributing factor?

What options do I still have after a disability complaint is filed?

What is the process for investigating complaints?

What you can do to protect yourself from discriminationYou

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