New York judge: I’m not afraid of the NFL

New York Judge Alan J. Dershowitz, who won a landmark ruling in the case of two New York police officers accused of shooting an unarmed black man, has resigned.

Dershowitzer, the first black U.S. judge, was named by President Trump to fill the seat vacated by Justice Antonin Scalia when he died in February.

Dalshowitz has been a frequent critic of the president and has been an outspoken critic of Trump’s use of Twitter, his former political opponents, and Trump’s campaign for the White House.

He also has been critical of Trump and has criticized the president for the recent decision to appoint a new attorney general.

He was first elected in 1998 and served on the New York City Supreme Court for five years.

He was confirmed in 2001 and became a judge in 2011.

He has been known for his conservative stances on a number of issues, including a 1996 Supreme Court decision that upheld a state law requiring that the state bar accept applications from women seeking to become registered nurses.

Dalshowitzer also has a reputation for being very vocal in his views on social issues.

He opposed same-sex marriage and for a woman’s right to choose.

In a 2008 tweet, Dersheys said he was not a fan of the “radical left” that seeks to “march in” to replace the Republican Party and said he disagreed with President Obama’s plan to end the federal government’s role in health care.

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