What’s next for the Juventus defence?

It’s almost a year since the Juventus defender was jailed for eight months by a court in Rome for fraudulently claiming a €1.6m salary from a company which owned his former company. 

In that time he has spent almost all of his free time away from Juventus and in exile. 

His new defence team has not been named but according to the report from L’Equipe, the club will be hoping to convince the Court of Arbitration for Sport to let him return.

The Court of Appeal in Rome recently upheld the decision of the Court de Cassation in the case against Alessandro Nesta, who was found guilty of breach of trust by a judge in February 2018.

In his ruling, Judge Francesco Bini concluded that Nesta had failed to declare that his new defence business, which was to be called, the Juventus Defence Agency, was registered in his name in Italy, where the alleged fraud was allegedly committed. 

The ruling came after Nesta appealed against the decision and he is currently in exile in Switzerland. 

Despite being the subject of the case, Nesta was able to return to Italy on the basis of a diplomatic exemption granted by Italy’s ambassador in Milan. 

He was subsequently released on bail pending trial. 

But that was the last we heard of Nesta until today, when he received a letter from the Juventus Football Club.

In it, the defender confirms that he has returned to Juventus and intends to work with the new team in his role as the club’s new defender. 

According to L’equipe, Juve will be able to prove that Nessa was indeed a player when he signed his new contract. 

That will give them enough time to convince Juventus to allow him to return. 

A number of Juventus players are likely to be at the training ground for the first time since the court decision was handed down. 

With Juve in possession of the league title and Champions League spot, the court will have to decide whether Nesta is a candidate to be the first player to play there. 

If he is, the two-time Serie A champions will be keen to secure a player of his calibre and experience. 

Nesta is currently the subject the courtship of the Juventus’ former defender Giuseppe Marotta. 

Marotta is currently playing for AC Milan and Juventus, but the pair were not close at the end of the season and Nesta’s new contract expires in 2019.

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