Which are the best attorneys in Texas?

It’s not the only issue that will come up when discussing the lawyers in Texas.

The legal profession has faced an onslaught of new technology in recent years, as well as a growing body of work that challenges established wisdom.

Some of the legal professionals who have faced these challenges include: a man who invented the first online car accident case, and now helps lawyers with their new technology, a lawyer who’s spent over two decades trying to get his case heard by a jury, and a man now working in the private sector who wants to make sure his client is not charged with an offence he didn’t commit.

The lawyer in the first of these stories, however, has a problem that may be far more serious: he’s now suing the people who put his case on hold, alleging he was illegally detained by police officers, which would result in a felony conviction and a possible lifetime of prison. 

The case is not the first time that lawyers have faced the prospect of an unjust conviction.

In 2007, a man in his early 40s filed a lawsuit against the City of Houston alleging that he was wrongly arrested and held for over a month.

In 2014, a Texas man filed a similar lawsuit against police in his 40s, accusing them of falsely accusing him of a serious crime, as part of an alleged police cover-up of a burglary.

But the Houston lawsuit was not about an individual, but rather a group of people, with the individual claiming that police detained him because he was carrying a loaded firearm.

“I was not carrying a firearm,” the man said at the time, according to the Houston Chronicle.

“The police had no evidence that I was a threat.”

The man in the Houston case was eventually released from jail, but he’s still suing, saying that he’s being held in a detention centre for six months because he had a firearm in his pocket. 

“My lawsuit was filed for the reason that they had no case against me and they could not find me guilty of a crime,” the Houston man told the Chronicle. 

In both the Houston and Houston case, the officers involved are from the Houston Police Department.

Both lawsuits allege that they were forced to “arrest” the man by order of a sergeant, who told them that he believed the man was armed and that the gun could be loaded. 

According to the Texas Supreme Court, “a person has no right to a firearm unless he has been convicted of a felony, is a threat to the safety of others, has been arrested for a crime, or is otherwise disqualified from possessing a firearm”.

This right to bear arms is guaranteed by the US Constitution and is enshrined in both state and federal constitutions. 

A federal judge in the Texas case, however has found that the police officers in question had probable cause to detain the man and have been justified in so doing.

The officer who arrested the man, and the sergeant who conducted the search, were also acquitted of wrongdoing. 

If you or someone you know needs legal help, the ACLU’s free legal information line is available 24/7 at 1-866-OUR-LAW (1-866 US Law), by calling 1-800-282-3636, or by visiting our online law resources page.

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