Job seekers facing job-hunting hurdles in Melbourne’s CBD

Unemployment lawyer David Fauci says the process for getting a job in Melbourne is fraught with difficulties and says the only way out is to seek work.

“It’s really tricky because you have to have a job offer and they have to give you an offer and then they have a little bit of time to give back, and then you have time to negotiate,” he said.

“You’ve got to make a choice between two options.”

The jobless lawyer says he can’t predict what the government will do, but said it is unlikely they will go as far as banning jobs entirely.

“They’ve been saying that they’re going to give an extra week of paid parental leave, which is going to go into effect in July and that will give people a little more time,” he told the ABC.

“But it will give some people an extra two weeks to get a job, and that’s not going to solve the problems.”

We need to get out of this job hunt, and we’re not going back in.

“Job seekers facing unemployment lawyer’s dilemma’Mr Faucom said the unemployment system was broken and people were desperate for help.”

When you go into a job centre and you look at the numbers, the vast majority of the people who apply for jobs, who are desperate for a job are the unemployed, people who have got a jobless cheque, they don’t want to work,” he explained.”

So it’s not just about the unemployed people.

It’s also about the people with jobless bills.

“He said many job seekers were being offered jobs that were not worth the money they were looking for.”

There are people who are paying $40,000 a year for a car, and there are people in their 40s who have paid $120,000 for a house, and they can’t afford to buy a house,” he stated.”

I think the job market is very bad.

There’s a lot of people who want to have kids, and many of them are going to find that they can not afford to do that.

“Mr Fruci said the process to get into the labour market was extremely difficult, but it was the only thing that could help them find a job.”

That’s the only solution to unemployment,” he advised.”

The only solution that’s really going to help the unemployed is to find a decent job.


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