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I’ve been hearing a lot about a lawsuit that alleges that one of the best attorneys in the country was wrongfully terminated by a company that she represented in a defamation lawsuit.

The case is the latest in a string of wrongful termination lawsuits filed against some of the country’s top lawyers and attorneys.

The company in question is a New York-based firm called Dui, which is best known for its litigious practices.

Dui’s attorney, Richard Schulz, was reportedly fired by the company on August 13.

Schulz claims he was fired for doing what he thought was the right thing in pursuing a defamation case against a prominent former employee.

“I’m not here to defend Dui,” Schulz said.

“It’s about me and the clients.”

According to a spokesperson for Dui who spoke on condition of anonymity, the termination was not related to the defamation case and was not about the firm’s litigation practices.

The spokesperson did not explain why Schulz was terminated.

Duis lawyers, however, have taken to the internet to defend the firing of their client.

The lawsuit alleges that Schulz filed a false complaint against a woman named Rebecca Miller that falsely accused Schulz of harassment.

The complaint was later retracted by the woman, and Schulz’s attorney later retracted it.

In an interview with The New York Times, Schulz denied any wrongdoing.

“That was an intentional lie, and I’m confident that that was never intended to be taken as a factual statement,” Schutz said.

The story is interesting, but the details of the firing have been sketchy.

In a statement, Schutz’s attorney said the dismissal was unrelated to the case and that he was simply fired for pursuing a litigation case.

“We believe the allegations in this matter are completely without merit and we have no knowledge of them,” said a spokesperson.

“If the allegations are true, Richard has never been hired by Dui or anyone else.”

According a court filing from July, the lawsuit alleged that the woman’s allegations against Schulz were not true.

“The woman has never filed any claim of defamation against Mr. Schutz and we are confident in the integrity of the litigation against Dui and its client,” the filing read.

The Times contacted the law firm that Schutz is representing in the case, Duis, for comment.

“Dui’s position is that the matter is not a matter of defamation and we will defend it vigorously,” the firm said in an email.

It’s unclear what specific facts led to the firing.

“Mr. Schulz is not represented by a lawyer in the matter,” a spokesperson said in a statement to ESPN.

“He has never represented the woman in any lawsuit.”

The firing comes on the heels of the wrongful termination lawsuit filed against former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski by a former employee, Corey Stewart.

In the complaint, Stewart alleged that Lewandowski “verbally and physically assaulted and humiliated” him.

The suit alleged that Stewart filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) alleging that Lewandowksi retaliated against him for reporting that Lewbergasti “threatened” to “burn [him] alive” if he did not stop reporting on Lewandowski.

In addition to the Lewandowski lawsuit, there have been a handful of other lawsuits filed in recent years in which a lawyer or a company fired an employee because of their complaints about an attorney or company.

One case involved an attorney in Texas who was fired after writing a blog post that criticized his former employer’s treatment of his clients.

In that case, a former client was seeking damages for his wrongful termination after an attorney’s client was sued for allegedly violating confidentiality agreements.

Another case involved a former lawyer who lost his license after filing a complaint against his former firm.

The former lawyer filed a lawsuit against the former firm in 2015.

In another lawsuit, a Texas attorney lost his law license after suing a former law firm over allegations that it was negligent in not paying for a computer.

“There’s a lot of attorneys that are underpaid because of this practice,” said Andrew Siegel, the founder of Legal Momentum.

“You see these lawyers that are getting fired and you see them go to the NLRB and they have these kinds of problems.”

Siegel noted that the NLR has already said that it will investigate the firings of the attorneys.

“So this is going to be a very serious investigation, if there’s any kind of wrongdoing,” he said.

In August, a Florida lawyer was fired over a blog that criticized a former Florida attorney.

A lawyer who worked for a Florida attorney who was hired by the former attorney was fired in August after the attorney wrote a blog about a former former Florida lawyer.

“As the investigation continues, we will continue to cooperate with the investigators and will share information that we are able to glean,” said the attorney

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