Lawyers sue for $25M after cat’s death

A cat killed by a lawyer’s car accident was left for dead by the owner, according to an attorney who sued for $2.5 million for the cat’s wrongful death.

Richard M. Burch filed the lawsuit Tuesday against the attorney, David T. Wilson, alleging negligence, wrongful death and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Wilson has denied the claims.

The lawsuit also says the attorney and his family did not follow proper procedures to provide the cat with adequate veterinary care.

Wilson did not immediately respond to a message left for him by AP on Wednesday.

A spokeswoman for the Florida Attorney General’s Office did not return calls seeking comment.

The suit accuses Wilson of “unlawfully using and violating” a no-questions-asked contract for a pet that the attorney purchased from a pet store.

It says Wilson’s lawyer used a “false story” that the cat was dead when in fact it was alive and was being fed.

The suit says Wilson “had no control” over the cat and did not provide it proper veterinary care or provide it with a veterinarian’s certificate, which would have certified the cat to be an adult.

The attorney’s attorney did not respond to multiple messages seeking comment Wednesday.

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